24 Fit Challenge COI Invites Scripts

24Fit Challenge COI Invite Script 
CALL TONE: Stand up, smile (when you talk) and be positive.

Note: Use this script to talk to friends and family to ask them to do the 24FIT Challenge with you. To insure you have a high percentage of show ratio for your appointments you set with the script below please make sure you make a confirmation call or text the night before or the morning of the registration day / appts.

Live Call Script: 24Fit Challenge / Boot Camp Invite
[A:] “Hi (First Name).” (Slight Pause) “it’s (Your Name).” (Slight Pause) “How’s it going?” (Wait For Response – first talk to them about them, then they should ask about you!)

[B:] “I’m doing incredible!” (Slight Pause) “I just started<coaching/doing> this really cool fitcamp” (Slight Pause) “called the “24FIT Challenge” (Slight Pause) “and it’s been awesome!” (Slight Pause)”It’s completely free“, (Slight Pause) “I’m having lots of fun,” (Slight Pause) “I get to get in shape,” (Slight Pause) “and I can even win prizes!” (Slight Pause) “Right now I’m looking for some friends” (Slight Pause) “to do the fitcamp with me.” (Slight Pause) “It just make’s it even more fun! (Slight Pause) “I want you to do this with me!” (Slight Pause) “You ready to get fit and healthy?” (Wait For Response – let them give you positive reply and expect them to ask what that entails!)

[C:] “Great!” (Slight Pause) “Ok so here’s what we want to do…“(Slight Pause) “First we’ll get you registered, measured, and weighed in” (Slight Pause) “at fitness & wellness center (Slight Pause) and we’ll also get your before pictures.” (Slight Pause) “Now, the Challenge is run at (location)” (Slight Pause) “at 6:30am or 7pm Monday, Wednsday, or Friday.” The center has also different other class to choose from.

[D:] If Starting After Sunday Registration DaySo (First Name),” (Slight Pause) “Which of those days and times works for you?” (Wait For Response.) “Ok, great!” (Slight Pause) “I’m going to text you the location” (Slight Pause) “and what you need to bring” (Slight Pause) “right after we finish this call.” (Slight Pause) “I am so excited” (Slight Pause) “to be doing this with you!

[E:] If Starting On Sunday Registration DaySo (First Name),” (Slight Pause) “right now, the next 24FIT Challenge starts (Registration Date).” (Slight Pause) “So we would need” (Slight Pause) “for you to meet me” (Slight Pause) “at either 12pm to 4pm” (Slight Pause) “on Sunday (the date)” (Slight Pause) “at the wellness center” (Slight Pause) “to get you registered, Ok?” (Wait For Response) “I’m going to text you” (Slight Pause) “the date, time, and address for the registration” (Slight Pause) “right after we finish this call.” (Slight Pause) “Ok, Great!” (Slight Pause) “This is going to be awesome!” (Slight Pause) “So put this on your calendar,” (Slight Pause) “(Day/Time) for the 24FIT Challenge registration.” (Wait For Response.)”Ok, great!” (Slight Pause) “I am so excited” (Slight Pause) “to be doing this with you!” “Make sure you bring your ID with you.”