Business Invites

Business FItCamp – General Appointment Script:
Call /Scheduler Script
Target Prospect:

HR Director, HR Manager, COO, CEO, Owner. (In order of priority depending on business size)

Step #1: Introductions – Get their ATTENTION!!! You only have a couple of seconds

[1.0:] “Good <Morning/Afternoon>,” (Slight Pause) “my name is _____________.” (Pause) ” I’m a wellness and specialist” (Slight Pause) ” and I have Fitness Center” (Slight Pause) “in Florida.”

[1.1:] “The reason” (Slight Pause) “for my call today” (Slight Pause) “is to schedule” (Slight Pause) “a brief appointment” (Slight Pause) “with you” (Slight Pause) “to show you how” (Slight Pause) “we’re able to help many businesses” (Slight Pause) “here in Palm Beach” (Slight Pause) “reduce their heath insurance costs” (Slight Pause) “and increase employee productivity” (Slight Pause) “with our fitness and wellness solutions.” (Slight Pause) and offer a great employee benefits with no cost to you.

[1.1:]”My calendar” (Slight Pause) “has me out in your area” (Slight Pause) “next week” (Slight Pause) “servicing a current client of mine” (Slight Pause) “and I would like to” (Slight Pause) “stop by your business” (Slight Pause)”and meet with you” (Slight Pause) “for a few minutes” (Slight Pause) “to show you” (Slight Pause) “what we can do” (Slight Pause) “for your company.” (Slight Pause) “What day works for you next week?” (Slight Pause) “What time works best for you?” (Wait For Response.)

IF Asked – Really Whats This All About (Use Any time) THEN
[1.1:] “(Prospect’s First Name),” (Slight Pause) “right now” (Slight Pause) “businesses need to” (Slight Pause) “reduce thier costs” (Slight Pause) “and get maximum results” (Slight Pause) “from employees” (Slight Pause) “to stay competitive.” (Slight Pause) “With 66% of the U.S. workforce” (Slight Pause) “being overweight” (Slight Pause) “and 34% clinically obese,” (Slight Pause) “we have simple to use” (Slight Pause)”fitness and wellness products” (Slight Pause) “that put cash”(Slight Pause) “back in the employer’s pocket,” (Slight Pause) “to offset their” (Slight Pause)”employee related costs,” (Slight Pause) “and help their employees” (Slight Pause) “maintain their” (Slight Pause) “optimum weight and energy.”

and it is a great employee benefits with no cost to you